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How to Deal With Your Roommate

Anyone who has been living alone or have been living alongside a room would agree that there will be times that you are not in good terms with your room mate. They can be pretty annoying but you really have to live with them or you will have to pay for the room all by yourself.

Talk to your roommate that she wants to borrow something, she can always ask you. Sometimes when roommates are not around and one of the dresses that she likes lies around in one corner, she would immediately take it and make it her own. Tell her that the next time she wants, she can talk to you to borrow it.

Tell your roommate that when you are sleeping, try not to make too much noise that can wake you up. She might tell you that she needs to do something but at the very least explain to her that you also need to rest.

One big problem with having to share a room with someone is cleanliness. Talk to your roommate that it is in everyone's interest and responsibility to clean after themselves. They are now living alone and no one would follow their dirt.

The same thing with what you say to your roommate. You need to clean up after yourself. What good is it to talk to your roommate about cleanliness if you are not practicing it yourself.

It is okay to bring your boyfriend or girlfriend over to your room and get cozy but locking the doors to block your roommate from having a surprise visit while you two are hot in action is downright insulting. Both of you own the room and so, both of you have the right to get inside the room no matter what circumstance. Take your session somewhere else instead.

Everyone who is living with a roommate know that they are not living alone, so they have to deal with that other person at all times. Respect your neighbor as you want them to respect you. Turn down your music when you have friends coming over to party, unless the other person agrees to it as well.

If there is something wrong with you and your roommate, deal with the issue right away instead of putting it off. You are also paying for the rent and if something comes up, you are also affected. Speak up and try to defend yourself.