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Tips Help You to Choose A Good Roommate

As much as we would like to live solo in an apartment unit, budget constraints may force us to look for a roommate to share the bills. Having a roommate isn't so bad; it can even be an enjoyable experience if you know how to spot a good roommate.

Before posting your ads for a roommate, determine the number of roommates you are willing to share your bedroom and your house with, and if you are willing to share with the opposite sex. More roommates may mean lower monthly due, but this also means lesser privacy.

Conduct interviews with applicants to get a chance to know more about them before choosing a roommate. Do background checks and ask them important factors that will affect how you will live together such as their work schedule. Living with people you don't know can be difficult to adjust to, so take you time when considering someone as a roommate.

Inquire about their sleeping patterns and working habits and determine if the two of you can work around your schedules. If they have schedules opposite to yours, like they work on the time you sleep, you need to turn them down right then.

Tidiness is another variable to consider. As owner of the unit, you are probably more vigilant in maintaining your home's cleanliness and it is ideal to have a roommate who will treat your unit with the same respect as you do. Make it clear to a roommate applicant that you will not tolerate he or she disrespecting your home.

As much as possible, never share bedrooms. This will ensure that you and your roommate will still have your own private space that you can retreat to when you want to be alone.

Find out their work status or any source of income and determine if they are capable of paying dues on time. This one is non-negotiable since the reason you are finding a roommate is to cut down on cost and a roommate who fails to pay the bill will do the opposite of that. Anyone who is unsure of their financial status should really not be considered in your search for a roommate.

Remember, to find a good roommate, you have to be a good roommate yourself. Try to enjoy each other's company and respect each other's space to ensure a harmonious environment in your home. If you find the right person, you can really end up having a great friendship with your new roommate!